Second Presbyterian Church

Newly Renovated and Enlarged Organ

for Second Presbyterian Church, Carlisle


The congregation of Second Presbyterian Church, Carlisle, PA is pleased to announce that renovations to its sanctuary organ are nearing completion.  The original Moller Pipe organ was built by M. P. Moller, Inc. of Hagerstown, Maryland for Second Presbyterian’s downtown Carlisle location on Hanover Street and dedicated on November 20, 1950.  In 1971, the organ was moved to a new sanctuary and redesigned for its home on Garland Drive.  Many elements of the older instrument remained and new tonal elements were added.  In 1985, a new console was designed by Cannarsa of Duncansville, PA to fit into the décor of the sanctuary.  At the request of Andy Hoke (Director of Music, appointed in 2002) and an organ study committee, research on possible improvements began in 2002, was formalized and approved by the session and congregation in 2006, and refurbishment began in 2007.  Companies chosen for the work were Buch Church Organ Company of Ephrata, PA, SDG Organ Company of Millersville, PA, and Walker Technical Company of Zionsville, PA with Buch organ as the project leader.  SDG did the work on the 39 ranks of pipes (2293 in all) including rewiring, releathering, revoicing, rescaling, retuning, and replacement of many old parts as needed.  Temporary repairs were replaced by permanent repairs.  Buch and Walker Technical Company built the new console and added digital stops and new features.  A Rodgers MX – 200 sound module including 1122 total sounds was also purchased to increase the expressive potential of the instrument.  The new specification is listed below with digital stop additions marked with an asterisk.

                     Great                      Swell                      Choir                          Solo                              Pedal

        *16’ Flute Conique      16’ Bourdon                 *8’ Viola Pomposa        *8’ Harmonic Flute         *32’ Contra Bourdon

            8’ Principal                8’ Geigen Principal        8’ Gedeckt                    *8’ Cello Celeste            16’ Principal

            8’ Spitzflote                8’ Rohrflote                 *8’ Flute Celeste II        *4’ Orchestral Flute        16’ Subbass

          *8’ Gemshorn               8’ Gambe                    8’ Dolce                      *16’ Corno di Bassetto    16’ Rohrbourdon

            4’ Octave                    8’ Gambe Celeste        8’ Dolce Celeste            *8’ Tuba                          8’ Octave

            4’ Spillflote                    4’ Principal              *4’ Principal                    *8’ French Horn              8’ Bass Flote

        *22/3’ Twelfth                    4’ Triangular Flote    4’ Waldflote                *8’ Cor Anglais                  8’ Rohrflote

       *2’ Super Octave            *22/3’ Nazard               22/3’ Nazard                *8 Fanfare Trumpet          4’ Choral Bass

        2’ Flachflote                    2’ Flageolet                2’ Principal                   *Chimes                          4’ Flute

        Mixture III-IV                 *13/5’ Tierce               11/3’ Quint Flote                                                    Mixture III

        Sesquiltera II                Plein Jeu III                Zimbel II                                                                 *32’ Contra Bombard

        8’ Trompette                  16’ Fagott                8’ Krummhorn                                                           16’ Contra Trompette

            Tremolo                        8’ Trompette            Tremolo                                                                  8’ Trompette

          *Chimes                          *8’ Oboe                  *Harp                                                                  4’ Rohr Schalmei

  16’ Great-to-Great                  *8’ Vox Humana      16’ Choir-to-Choir

Great Unison Off               4’ Clarion                Choir Unison Off

    4’ Great-to-Great                    Tremolo                4’ Choir-to-Choir

                                              16’ Swell-to-Swell

                                                    Swell Unison Off

                                                       4’ Swell-to-Swell


  8’ Great-to-Pedal  16’ Swell-to-Great  16’ Swell-to-Choir

  4’ Great-to-Pedal    8’ Swell-to-Great    8’ Swell-to-Choir

  8’ Swell-to-Pedal    4’ Swell-to-Great    4’ Swell-to-Choir

  4’ Swell-to-Pedal  16’ Choir-to-Great    *8’ Solo-to-Choir

  8’ Choir-to-Pedal    8’ Choir-to-Great

  4’ Choir-to-Pedal    4’ Choir-to-Great

  *8’ Solo-to-Pedal    *8’ Solo-to-Great



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