Cathedral Church of St. Patrick

The original instrument in the present Cathedral Church of St. Patrick was installed in November 1906 as Austin Organ Company’s Opus 175. Whether any part of the old organ from the former St. Patrick Church was incorporated into Opus 175 is unknown. The cathedral organ has undergone several rebuilds, redesigns, and cleanings over the years. Work was performed in 1951, 1983, 1988, 1990, and 2005 when the electrical system was replaced after a major lightning strike.

The majority of the rebuilding work was done by the Gundling Organ Company of Lancaster, PA. The Gundling firm had made a gift of a trumpet rank many years ago in memory of Professor Bernard Wert, a beloved former organist and choirmaster of the Cathedral. When the pipework was being removed in 1983 for a complete cleaning, it was discovered that this trumpet rank was unusually beautiful and built with a minimum of soldering seams. Through generous donations in memory of Annette Murcurio and Marion Blakely, this rank was reinstalled en chamade, and is now the Pontifical Trumpet.

After a lightning strike damaged the organ in June 2005, the console was rebuilt and redesigned by R. J. Brunner and Co. of Silver Spring, PA. Tonal revisions were also performed, and a French-style trumpet was added to the Swell (replacing the trumpet removed in 1983 to become the Pontifical Trumpet). The console now contains the state-of-the-art Peterson ICS-4000 organ control system.

As part of the interior renovations being undertaken at the Cathedral, the former sanctuary organ, a small Möller Artiste, is being removed because of its current location. The gallery console is prepared with stop knobs for playing this instrument from either console (not listed in the specification). At this time the Möller is being placed in storage indefinitely.




42 ranks

GREAT (enclosed left)

8            Open Diapason

8            Clarabella

8            Gamba

8            Gemshorn

4            Octave

4            Harmonic Flute

2 2/3      Twelfth

2            Fifteenth

1 3/5      Tierce (Ch.)

III          Mixture

16          Pontifical Trumpet (TC)

8            Pontifical Trumpet

8            Trumpet

4            Pontifical Trumpet (ext.)

4            Clarion

16          Great to Great

              Great Unison Off

4            Great to Great

              MIDI to Great (prep.)


CHOIR (enclosed left)

8            Geigen Principal

8            Concert Flute

8            Dolce

8            Dolce Celeste

4            Flute d’Amour

3 1/5      Gross Tierce (TC)

2 2/3      Nazard

2            Piccolo

1 3/5      Tierce

16           Pontifical Trumpet (TC) (from GT)

8             Pontifical Trumpet (from GT)

8            Clarinet

4            Pontifical Trumpet (from GT)




16          Choir to Choir

              Choir Unison Off

4            Choir to Choir

              MIDI to Choir (prep.)


SWELL (enclosed right)

16          Lieblich Gedeckt

8            Open Diapason

8            Rohrflöte

8            Lieblich Gedeckt (ext.)

8            Viol d’Orchestre

8            Viol Celeste (TC)

8            Salicional

8            Voix Celeste (TC)

4            Principal

4            Traverse Flute

2            Flautino

III            Plein Jeu

16            Dulzian

16            Bassoon (1-12 Dulzian, 13-61 Oboe)

8            Trompette

8            Oboe

8            Dulzian (ext.)

4            Clarion (ext. Trompette)


16          Swell to Swell

              Swell Unison Off

4            Swell to Swell

              MIDI to Swell (prep.)


PEDAL (enclosed, split)

32            Untersatz (dig.)

32            Resultant

16            Open Diapason

16            Kontrabass (dig.)

16            Bourdon

16            Lieblich Gedeckt (Sw)

8             Octave (ext. Op. Diap.)

8              Gedeckt (ext. Bourdon)

8              Lieblich Gedeckt (Sw)

8              Gamba (Gt)

8              Gemshorn (Gt)

4              Lieblich Gedeckt (Sw)

32             Kontra Posaune (1-12 dig.)

16             Posaune (ext. Gt)

16             Dulzian (Sw)

8              Pontifical Trumpet (Gt)

8              Trumpet (Gt)

8              Dulzian (Sw)

4              Pontifical Trumpet (Gt)

4              Clarion (Gt)

2              Klarine (Gt. Clarion)

                MIDI to Pedal (prep.)



8              Great to Pedal

4              Great to Pedal

8              Swell to Pedal

4              Swell to Pedal

8              Choir to Pedal

4              Choir to Pedal


16            Swell to Great

8              Swell to Great

4              Swell to Great

16            Choir to Great

8              Choir to Great

4              Choir to Great


16            Choir to Swell

8              Choir to Swell

4              Choir to Swell


 16           Swell to Choir

8              Swell to Choir

4              Swell to Choir

8              Great to Choir



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